Chemical composition of Afriplex®PS70.

(Kolodziej H, Kayser O, Radtke O A, et al. Phytomedicine 2003; 10:18-24.)

Afriplex®PS70 is a concentrated botanical ingredient developed from the Pelargonium sidoides plant with the markers of the extract being umckalin and scopoletin.


Pelargonium sidoides is widely distributed in the high-lying regions of South Africa and typically found at altitudes of 2300m above sea level.
A major challenge in quality assurance of herbal material is the variation of active constituents in plants from the same species. In achieving an optimised and standardised final product, the effort starts with sourcing of plant material of exceptional quality. In this regard Afriplex®PS70 was developed by propagating the correct pelargonium strain at Afriplex’s propagation facility. The latter is not only important to guarantee a consistent quality product, but also to ensure price consistency and ensuring traceability.




By using a validated extraction technique for the extraction of the active components in the roots of Pelargonium sidoides, this product contains optimised concentrations of the coumarins, scopoletin, umckalin, epicatechin and gallic acid functional components. While the different actives all contribute to the efficacy of this API, Umckalin serves as the active component marker. The preparation and production of this API is based on the specifications as tested and determined by the European Pharmacopoeia. Various well-established international brands of cough medicine currently use the Afriplex®PS70 and other API’s in pharmaceutical applications.

The API is in powder format and designed to assist formulation into syrups, drops, throat sprays, effervescent, as well as tablets and capsules.